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The Italian – Brazilian artist Livia Marques works since years on Theory about Movement Research and Dance, passing through issues such as Body Anthropology, contemporary Politics of establishments of making art  internationally and on the sources of Creation and Composition on Stage, as an Expanded Practice in different formats, from pieces for Theatres to Site-specific, to moving images, to reviews and books publications.

Her focus in art research is strongly influenced by the contemporary debate on Philosophy, especially on Ethics and she goes deep in Art development with anthropological methodologies, sound research and on body presence and movement. For her, Body is a life moving tool, with plasticity, aesthetics and physio – biological skills.

Since many years she has been working internationally in interdisciplinary art fields, bringing and sharing her ideas, skills and backgrounds for her authorial projects and of other multidisciplinary artists. Since many years she has been collaborating also with European and South American art centers and festivals in the constant trying-out of presenting and discuss a Practice, and also a Dialogue and a Re-Thinking in terms of Anthropology, Philosophy, Politics and more in general towards a Choreography, understood as an environment of semiotics and semantics signs in Dancing Movement.

She feeds her artistic research as well with Sound Practices like music instruments, sound scape listening and singing in two choirs.

She practices a vivid and deep research on the Ethno – Prehistoric connections of the Skeleton Study and Embryonal Anatomy. 

Since 2011 she has been living between Amsterdam – The Netherlands, Florence – Italy and Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. She works internationally also giving Labs, Lectures, Dialogues and showing up of her artistic works and of others interdisciplinary artists.